Wednesday, May 16, 2018

We have our captains for 2018!

We are happy to announce seniors Olivia Fallon and Timmia Crayton-Prioleau have been chosen as captains for the 2018 cross country team.  Congratulations!

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Week of Oct 2

Week of Monday, Oct 2, 2017
Friday night showed the benefit of 2 things: cooler temps AND positive mental attitude.  You had both on Friday and it paid big dividends!!
With Friday being off from school it makes for a weird schedule day.  In addition the cafeteria is NOT available due to Grand Reunion.  Would/could any families be willing to host a team dinner/movie night at their house?  With a group going to Portage and normal attrition, numbers would be around 35-38.  The movie could/should be a running movie.  Maybe one family could host, but others help with food??  Please let Coach Kieser know ASAP so plans can be made. 
Monday, Oct 2 – no school for students, but Coach Kieser is trapped!!
2:45 meet at SJA to begin warm-up
Workout on the track – 1600 HARD followed by one of 2 different workouts depending on who you are and what you need.  To be announced after the 1600.

Tuesday, Oct 3 – normal Tuesday??? Done by 5:15 at SJA

Wednesday, Oct 4 – 2:00pm dismissal day.  Begin with captain-led meeting in 331 at 2:10.  Captains will lead review of Gilmour and preview of Legends (varsity will preview Portage on Friday). 
2:40 – head to mastick to begin full warm-up and prep for a “longer, but not long” run.

Thursday, Oct 5 – normal Thursday?  To be determined but regardless practice is at SJA and done by 5:00.

Friday, Oct 6  -
Portage group leaves SJA at noon with Coach Kieser.  Final 7 to be announced Monday or Tuesday.
Legends group pre-meet practice at a time TBD by Tuesday at the latest.
Team dinner plans TBD by Tuesday as well.

Saturday, Oct 7  -
Portage 7 race at 1:30pm – expected return to SJA is between 7:00-7:30
Legends bus leaves 9:30, varsity 1:00, open 2:00, return to SJA at 5:00-5:15

Sunday, Oct 8 – be great on your own time.  Stretch, ride a bike, walk, lift, core, but no running

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

No longer going to Cloverleaf!!!

please note we are NO LONGER going to the Todd Clark Invitational at Cloverleaf HS.  We are going to the JB Firestone Invitational at Black River High School.  Below is the itinerary as of Wednesday pm.

SJA @ JD Firestone Invitational at Black River

233 County Road 40 ($5.00 per car charge)

7:30 – bus leaves SJA

9:10 – warm-up

10:00 – girls race – everybody except: Allen (rest), Musser (rest), Hewitt (out of town), Noeth (out of town), Sherrard (injury), Seymour (injury), Kunath (injury), Koeth (injury), Keyser (injury),
Maybes: Walsh, E. Conway, C. Conway, A. McGuire, Farris, Horner, Peura, Saurette, Trepczyk,

10:50 – warm-down

11:15 – team meeting and snacks

11:45 – bus leaves for SJA

12:30-12:45 – return to SJA

Monday, September 11, 2017

Week of Sept 11, 2017

Week of Sept 11, 2017

A reminder to everyone (athletes and parents) that at meets it is important for athletes to remain with the team until after the last group has cooled down and we’ve had our team meeting.  The team genuinely enjoys nominating teammates for athlete-of-the-meet and this is about the only time the entire team is together to acknowledge the successes of their teammates.  Most of the time the runners are very busy meeting their own challenges at practice, so when they hear “Jane ran a 30 second PR today” it resonates with all of us.  It’s a short period of time, but one that I have seen come to mean a lot to the girls.

Monday, Sept 11 – Mastick 3:30-5:15 – LT workout similar to two weeks ago.
Tuesday, Sept 12 – SJA 3:15-5:15 – “Normal Tuesday”
Wednesday, Sept 13 – SJA 3:15-5:20 – workout at Stinchcomb – 400’s alternating max with CV pace
Thursday, Sept 14 – SJA 3:15-5:00 – “normal Thursday”
Friday, Sept 15 – Mastick for pre-meet then back to SJA for pasta dinner.  The parents would love for all the athletes to come enjoy the meal.  Be sure you stop by and join the team!
Saturday, Sept 16 – no longer splitting the squad – all runners going to McDonough.  No time schedule provided yet.
Varsity – Allen, Walsh, Burns, Hruby, C. Conway, Musser, #7??
Reserve – TCP, B. Chambers, C. Becker, M. Chambers, Jordan, Wagner, Lenehan
Open – G. Kelley, Perkins, Fallon, Hill, Starck, Patton, Collins, Boland, Cmolik, M. Becker, L. McGuire, Ambrosio, Lane, Peura, Gaspar, Grant, Irwin, Drellishak, Andrews, Kunath, Noeth, Titschinger, Farris, M. Kelley, Hewitt, Sherrard, Mancuso, Trepczyk?, Saurette?, Koeth?, Keyser?, Horner?, Blouch?
Not running – Seymour, E. Conway, Keim, A. McGuire,

Sunday, Sept 17 – Heroe’s Run volunteering.  7:30-whenever you can stay (no later than 10:30 really needed)

Cross train on your own!

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Week of Sept 4

Week of September 4, 2017

Advanced head’s up for athletes…the cross country team will again be helping at the Hero’s Run held at SJA on Sunday, Sept 17.  This is another opportunity to get service hours (which I heard many freshmen talking about on the way to Cedarville).  Generally the race needs help at the mile marks reading out time as well as help at the finish line.  Volunteers are asked to arrive by 7:30.  The race begins at 8:30.

If anyone feels they should be moved up (or back) a clump, please send me an email stating so.

Monday, Sept 4 – Labor Day long run at Station Road bridge in Brecksville.  We will be running south on the towpath.  8:30-10:30.  (runners going shorter distance may be done sooner)  (injured runners need not attend unless they bring a bike and want to get a ride in).  Be prepared to do your longest run of the season so far.

Here is the address for GPS sake - 13513 Station Rd. Brecksville, OH 44141

In general, take I-77 south to Route 82 east through “downtown Brecksville”.  Continue to Riverview road (2 miles past route 21?).  Turn right on Riverview, go down the hill, then turn left into the park.  You’ll cross the train tracks in order to park.  25 minutes from SJA.  Has a bathroom and water fountain.

Tuesday, Sept 5 – 3:15-5:15 at SJA.  2 miles for 1 & 2, 3 for 3, 4-5 for group 4.  Lift, and other cross train

Wednesday, Sept 6 – early release day, but I can’t get out early (meetings).  3:15 – captain-led post-race goal session and review plus goal setting for Tiffin in room 331.    At 3:45 travel down to Memorial, and begin warm-up.  Group 4 – 2 miles (4 loops), Group 3 (1.5 miles), everyone else 1 mile wup.  I will be at memorial by 3:40 to start the actual practice.  Done by 5:00.  (workout likely to be a hard 800 with a big rest followed by “paced” 800’s with shorter rest between)

Thursday, Sept 7 – typical Thursday – all done by 5:00

Friday, Sept 8 – pre-meet workout of 3-4 miles.  Location to be determined (either Mastick or SJA).  Team dinner at SJA at 5:15 for the whole team!

Saturday, Sept 9 – Tiffin Carnival.
Anyone taking the ACT (or is it SAT weekend) and driving out separately please inform coach ahead of time please. 
As always, athletes are expected to stay for all of our team’s races and not just their own.  Injured runners are expected to travel to all meets to help collect splits, etc…

Tiffin is 1:40 away, but give 2 hours of travel time due to traffic congestion at the race site.
12:00 – bus leaves for Tiffin
4:00 – Varsity I-A race – top 7 (to be determined based on many factors)
4:55 – Div I open race – rest of team
Estimated return to SJA is 8:00-8:15pm

Sunday, Sept 10 – cross train on own.  Get healthy, stay healthy!!

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Week of August 28th

Week of August 28th

Be sure to have your watches and don’t forget your shoes! 

Also, not included on the order form was a nice Nike hat with SJA and a winged foot logo on it.  These sell for $25.00.  Some people expressed interest in this and I was told those can be made quickly, so if you’d like one let me know now and we’ll get it printed (and pay later).

Monday, August 28th – Mastick AT run 3:30-5:20. 

Tuesday, August 29th – mileage, lifting, and core at SJA.  Groups 1-2 done by 4:45.  Groups 3-5 done by 5:15.

Wednesday, August 30th – fartlek at Mastick 3:30-5:15. 

Thursday, August 31st – cross train day at SJA 3:15-5:00.

Friday, September 1st – Overnight trip to Cedarville, Ohio.  We ask each athlete to contribute $10.00 toward the cost of the hotel and meals.  This will be collected as we get on the bus to leave.

We will provide dinner Friday night, breakfast Saturday morning, and lunch on Saturday (and hotel).

Hotel:  Comfort Suite, 121 Raydo Circle, Springfield, 45506
                    (937) 322-0707

Bus bus leaves at noon, so have your stuff downstairs and loaded beforehand.  We are headed straight to the course to have our pre-meet practice, so be dressed for that (don’t travel in school uniform!).  Please inform the teachers of your afternoon classes that you will not be in attendance.  You are responsible for any work you miss!

The course is at the DeWine family Farm 2587 Conley Road, Cedarville, OH, 45314

The full information packet from the host school (Thomas Worthington), is attached.

                For athletes not traveling to the overnight, it would help you greatly to still run a 5k so you’re on the same page as everyone.  Here is a link to a 5k in the City of Brooklyn that is on Saturday morning.  Consider signing up and running!  Let me know how you do (I’ll be looking up results).  There is a 5 miler in Westlake as well if you are so inclined.

Saturday, September 2nd – 1st race of the season!!!
9:20 – begin warm-up
10:20 – SJA v Thomas Worthington (all 46 of our travelers are expected to race as of now)
11:00 – cool down
11:30 – team meeting and snacks.  If any parent would like to help pitch in for setting up tables and some snacks for the team for post-race re-fueling, please let me know!

A more specific plan will be given to athletes Friday night, but the general idea is to eat a light meal at 7:00, leave the hotel at 8:15, race at 10:20, watch all the races after us, leave at 1:00, stop for lunch, return to SJA between 5:00-6:00pm.

Sunday, September 3rd – recover.  Hiking, walking, bicycling, swimming, lifting weights are all good ideas.  Use the muscles the day after your first race to help get the ache out!

Monday, September 4th – Labor Day long run.  Instead of working out with Woodridge again, we are going to go back to the Labor Day long run at Station Road Bridge parking lot in Brecksville.  It is part of the CVNP.  8:30-10:30.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Week of August 14th, 2017

This week's schedule is below.  A few notes to pass along first.
Team Gear orders are due MONDAY at practice.  Be sure your checks are NOT written to SJA, instead they should be written to KRH Trading.  If you did not get the paper for ordering look for a separate email with an online version of the order form.  We ask that every athlete order a team t-shirt and that new athletes order the jacket and pants for warm-ups.  This is a one-time purchase that will cover cc, indoor, and outdoor track for 4 years (that’s 12 season for the price of one!!)
The post-season information has finally been posted.  We will be competing at Medina again with 5 teams qualifying to the Boardman regional.  This will be a tough district, but finishing top 5 certainly within our grasp.  Our top 7 runners will be competing in this meet.
The first meet is near Cedarville, Ohio.  It is an overnight trip.  We will leave Friday at lunch and return somewhere near 7:00pm Saturday evening.  This meet includes a series of elite level dual meets – our meet is with Thomas Worthington.  We will only take athletes who have been regularly attending the first week’s practices.  If any athlete in the first 4 weeks misses 5 practices for any reason they will not be attending this overnight trip.  This is a very generous amount of misses – most programs would probably cut an athlete that misses more than one practice per week on average.  These people will not be in trouble, they simply will not be traveling on the overnight and will begin their season the next week at Tiffin.
Saturday, August 19th is the annual canoe run in Canal Fulton.  Athletes will need money, a signed waiver, and pack a lunch for a picnic after.  We will have bus transportation to and from the canoe run.  Bus leaves at 8:00am and will return by 4:00pm if not sooner.
Saturday, August 26th is when teams will be allowed to have their first meet.  We will have some form of an intersquad 2 mile race instead since we are starting a week later.  Please do not schedule anything for this morning!  You will be free after 12:00 if not sooner.
We have a twitter you can follow - @sjatrackcc
We have a team website –
We have a “remind” app – go to, sign up and look for SJA cross country.

Monday, August 14 – 8:00-10:00 at Mastick.  2000m time trial #1.  This is a 1.25 mile hard run in which I can base workout goal times on.  Team Gear forms due with money!!!!
Tuesday, August 15 – 8:00-10:00 at Mastick.  Long run day. 
Wednesday, August 16 – 8:00-9:45 at SJA.  Cross Train day.
Thursday, August 17 – 8:00-10:00 at Mastick.  AT (tempo run) day.
Friday, August 18 – 8:00-10:00 at Edgewater.  Easy mileage, sand sprints, beach yoga.
Saturday, August 19 – canoe run (see above)

Sunday, August 20 – on own